Online Selenium Training

2021 Upcoming Batch of Online Selenium Training - Nov 14th
Selenium - Course Overview
  • Weekend classes for working professionals
  • 40 hrs plus online live training course over zoom
  • Industry level live project hands-on
  • Comprehensive course basic to advanced level
  • Recorded Video shared after session
  • Special Course Fee INR 12000  8000/- only
  • Payment only after 1st Session demo class
  • 2 Complementary Mock interviews (Industry level) with detailed analysis and feedback after training to prepare for actual interviews
Selenium - Course content
  1. What is an Automation testing
  2. Where does the automation testing fit in the SDLC.
  3. Limitations of Manual Testing process
  4. Advantage and limitations of Automation testing
  5. Which type of tests can be automated
  6. Which type of test cases cannot be automated
  7. Things to be done before automation testing
  8. Different Types of Automation Tools
  1. What is Selenium WebDriver
  2. What is Java and how does Java work.
  3. How to install Java
  4. Why and how to set path in system variables
  5. How to work with Eclipse with configuration
  6. How to create a Selenium WebDriver Project
  7. How to download and configure Selenium WebDriver to run on Eclipse.
  8. Introduction to Selenium IDE
  1. What are different types of data types- String, boolean, int, char
  2. What are conditional statements(if, if-else)
  3. How to use switch statements
  4. How to use loops in Java(for loop, while loop)
  5. How to use different data structures such as Array, List, ArrayList, Maps
  6. What are different types of collections (Array List, Set, Hashtable, HashMap)
  7. What is a constructor?
  8. How to use constructor.
  9. What are classes and how to create classes.
  10. What are methods and how to create methods
  11. What are packages in project
  12. What are different types of access modifiers
  13. What are OOPS concepts- Inheritance, Polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulatio
  14. What is Method Overloading and Method Overriding
  15. What is Abstract class and it’s use.
  16. What is Interface and it’s use.
  17. What is super/this Keywords and how to use them.
  18. What are and how to use final/finally/finalize Keywords
  19. What are different types of exceptions and how to use exception handling in Java
  1. How to run tests in google chrome, Firefox and IE
  2. How to verify page titlesConfiguring Selenium and Running Tests in multiple browsers
  1. Basic HTML concepts to understand DOM of any webpage
  2. What are locators and different types of locator strategies
  3. How to use different Locators in selenium
  4. Identifying locators using (id,name,linkText, className, Xpath & Css Selectors)
  5. XPath & CSS locators Identification in chrome and firefox Browsers
  6. How to Validate XPath and CSS locators from browser addons
  7. What are different Xpath functions
  1. Identify Xpath with Parent-Child Traverse relationship
  2. What is the difference between Relative and Absolute XPath?
  3. How to identify siblings and traverse back to parent nodes with XPath?
  4. How to use Sibling, Contains, Ancestor, AND OR, Parent, Starts with etc in XPath
  1. How to select a value from a static dropdown and validate
  2. How to select a value from the dynamic dropdown and validate
  3. How to check a checkbox and validate
  4. How to select a radio button and validate
  5. How to set text in a text field and validate
  6. How to handle alerts and validate
  1. What is synchronization and why do we need it.
  2. What are different types of waits available in Selenium
  3. What is Implicit wait and how to use it.
  4. What is Explicit wait and how to use it.
  5. Difference between Implicit and Explicit wait.
  1. How to perform mouse click using Action class
  2. How to handle Multiple Windows using Selenium
  3. How to handle Frames using Selenium
  4. How to identify the frames in a web page using Selenium
  5. How to use AutoIT to handle windows during automation
  1. How to use Extent Report
  2. How to take Screenshots in Selenium
  1. What is TestNG
  2. What are different annotations in Test NG
  3. How to run tests using testng.xml
  4. How to run tests parallel using testng.xml
  5. How to set the priority of tests using TestNG
  6. Assertions in TestNG
  7. How to parametrize tests using TestNG
  8. How to use Listeners in TestNG
  1. What is Maven
  2. How to install and configure maven
  3. How to create a maven project and configure dependencies
  4. What is the surefire plugin and how to execute tests using it
  5. Maven commands to use for test automation
  1. How to use APACHE POI library in Selenium Automation Project to read excel files
  2. How to read and write test data in excel files
  3. What is Page Object Model
  4. How to store locators in framework
  5. How to use PageFactory in Selenium Page object model
  6. How to store locators using By Class in Selenium Page Object Model
  7. How to store locators in a properties file in Selenium Page Object Model
  8. How to configure cross-browser testing
  1. What is BDD? How is it different from the traditional testing approach?
  2. What is Cucumber and how to write feature files in gherkin?
  3. How to create step definitions files
  4. How to create runn/er class files.
  5. How to use different keywords
  6. What are tags in cucumber? How to use tags?
  7. What are hooks and how to use them?
  1. Introduction to CI/CD.
  2. How to install and work with Jenkins
  3. How to create a job and how to build a job.
  4. How to run Selenium tests using Jenkins
  5. How to create a pipeline using pipeline syntax
  6. How to work with pipeline syntax generator
  7. How to use Blue Ocean

2 mock interview sessions- A 30 mins long one to one video session covering Selenium WebDriver, Test Automation concepts, and expectations for beginner and Expert level of career in test automation. 

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