How to highlight element in Selenium

Selenium provides so many capabilities to perform test automation which makes it easy to perform any webpage based task. This page has all the reusable code blocks which are required for commonly used webpage operations during test automation with Selenium webdriver and Java such as: highlight webelement in selenium, mouseover in selenium or mouse hover in selenium using Actions, extract css, etc. Some methods may use javascript with selenium. 


highlight element in selenium

If you are new to this, it would seem a little different to you that Selenium uses Javascript to handle this specific scenario.

Javascript is run with the help of JavascriptExecutor and in order to highlight the element,  we change the color of the element.  See the code below.

How to use mouseover in Selenium

Actions Actions = New Actions(Driver);
WebElement MenuElement = Driver.FindElement(By.Id("Menu-Element-Id"));
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