How to read and write Excel file using VBScript

Test automation is nothing but running the manual test test cases with the help of a tool. That is supported by test data. This test data is managed in many ways for example, excel, json, xml etc. If you are using excel file to store your test data, read further to know how to read and write Excel file using VBScript.

In order to read and write excel file, VBScript rovides an object “Excel.Application”. This object can do any task required to manipulate an excel workbook such as, read a workbook, write a workbook, add a worksheet, read from cells, write in cells, copy and paste cells, find used ranges etc. 

This page has list of all the functions which help in reading and writing data from excel workbook. 


How to read Data from a cell in Excel using VBScript (Excel.Application)

How to read Data from Excel

How to compare Excel Cell by Cell

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