automationScript is an online platform for Test Automation Engineers to provide them ready to use code blocks for setting up the Automation projects in limited time with major Test Automation tools. Every time you start working on an automation project from scratch, your valuable effort is wasted in writing some basic commonly used library functions.

Don’t worry!

We have ready to use code for test automation tools like Selenium WebDriver, REST-assured, Cucumber, UFT, Protractor, Jenkins, etc. Just 100% working code !

Through this online platform We are trying to minimize the time taken to setup the bootstrap automation framework for any test automation project worldwide.

On this platform we have

  • Reusable code blocks for major test automation tools such as Selenium, Protractor, UFT , Cucumber, Jenkins and programming languages include Java, VBscript, Javascript etc.
  • More than 300 fully working and tested functions/methods related to various test automation tools.
  • World’s only code repository dedicated to test automation experts.


We have started the “automationScript” with a vision to make it the first code repository in the world dedicated to only test automation and related tools so that  Automation engineers can set up their bootstrap frameworks quickly.

As you might guess, any number of lines of code won’t be “enough” to achieve this target. Nevertheless, It has able been able to draw attention of automation testers worldwide, which is evident by it’s increasing number of followers on facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms. We are humbled and proud to see the stalwarts of test automation community among the growing followers of our journey.

Started in the year 2020, the number of users, as well as content, is increasing gradually.