Top 50 API Testing Interview Questions

Go through these most important API Testing interview questions before you appear for your interview. This list has most important and frequently asked questions on API Testing.

  1. What is an API?
  2. What is API Testing?
  3. What are the common API Testing Types?
  4. Name some of the common protocols used in API Testing?
  5. Difference between API and Web services?
  6. What is Soap?
  7. What is Rest API?
  8. Difference between SOAP and REST?
  9. What are the common tests that are performed on APIs?
  10. What are the advantages of API Testing?
  11. What exactly needs to be verified in API Testing?
  12. Name some tools used for API Testing?
  13. List some most used templates for API documentation?
  14. Name some of the API examples which are quite popular.
  15. Difference between API testing and Unit Testing?
  16. What are the main challenges faced in API testing?
  17. What are the types of bugs we face when performing API testing?
  18. How is UI testing is not similar to API testing?
  19. Name some most commonly used HTTP methods?
  20. Can you use GET request instead of PUT to create a resource?
  21. What is the difference between PUT and POST methods?
  22. What are the common tests performed on API?
  23. What exactly needs to verify in API testing?
  24. What is the API documentation?
  25. What is the most used template for API documentation?
  26. What are the types of bugs that can be found during API testing?
  27. What is Resource in REST?
  28. What is the way to represent the resource in REST?
  29. What protocol is used by the RESTFUL Web Services?
  30. What are the characteristics of REST?
  31. What is messaging in RESTFUL Web Services?
  32. What are the components of an HTTP request?
  33. What is the HTTP protocol supported by REST?
  34. Can we use GET request instead of PUT to create a resource?
  35. PUT or POST method is used to create a resource. GET is only used to request resources.
  36. What is URI? What is the purpose of a web-based service and what is its format?
  37. What are SOAP Web Services?
    1. When we can use SOAP API?