How to use Protractor with Eclipse IDE

Beginners find it difficult to decide on which IDE/Code editor to use for protractor test automation framework. Every online tutorial proposes something different which makes the situation worse.

The main requirement of an automation tester when looking for a code editor are :

a. autocomplete and template suggestions for protractor and javascript

b. ease of use

Some suggestions are VS code, Atom, Webstorm etc. but the best IDE for our purpose is Eclipse. I know some would say that It is only true in case of java not javascript. I am going to list some steps which will kick-start your protractor scripting with the same Eclipse IDE, which you have used with selenium.

Wild Web Developer
  1. Please download and setup your latest Eclipse for java.
  2. Download Wild web developer plugin from Eclipse marketplace.
  3. Convert your project into tern project. Right click> Configure> Convert to Tern Project
  4. Select following modules from Tern. Right click> Properties> Tern> Module> AngularJS, Browser, Browser extension, Completion Guess, Completion String, Jasmine, Node.js, Node Extension, Protractor

Now you are loaded with all the capabilities needed to work with protractor test automation. You will get autocomplete suggestions like below and the source of it.

Autocomplete for protractor is very limited with VS code. Having worked on numerous Selenium projects with fantastic autocomplete supported by Eclipse for Java, It doesn’t feel satisfactory. 

Now with this workaround, you get right method required at right time when typing the same old .(dot).

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