How to resolve Fireevent not working issue in UFT

Is FireEvent not working in your UFT Script ??

UFT provides a very easy to use and robust in built method to click on objects in Webpage and other type of applications. This click functionality in UFT is very robust and works almost all the time. Sometimes It doesn’t work and we tend to use fireEvent to achieve click in this scenario.

There will be some scenarios when FireEvent fails as well to achieve the Click operation we are looking for. This difficulty can be overcome by manipulating the ReplayType setting in the UFT. 

We have to change the ReplayType to 2 , click on the desired element and change it back to 1.

How to change the ReplayType in UFT through code
Browser(“browserObject”).Page(“PageObject”).WebElement(“infoIcon”).FireEvent “onmouseover”
How to change the ReplayType in the UI of UFT.

Replay Type in UFT Options

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