How to handle SSL certificate error in Chrome

Sometimes while working on automation of an application, we face SSL error and it becomes hard to handle it at run time. Now you have multiple options to resolve it such as- ignore ssl option in your automation script, trying to play with flags which are available under chrome://flags but sometimes none of it seems to work.

SSL Error Types on Chrome

We can get these kind of ssl certificates while working on test automation which makes it an extra task of handling these errors.








How to resolve SSL certificate issue on Chrome

There is a lesser known option which seems to work most of the time when you get such error.

1. Click a blank section of the error page (anywhere on the page like above image).

2. Using your keyboard, type thisisunsafe.

3. This will add the website to a safe list, where you should not be prompted again.

I know it is strange 🙂 but, it works like charm!